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Cerro Qreen

Makeup Brush Set - Fuchsia Pink (10 pcs)

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Love Fashion Love Pink
- Make-up brush with pink colour wooden handle and PU leather brush case makes every girl make-up like a princess.
- Variety function of brushes that meets your beauty needs
- High quality natural animal hair able to hold powder firmly 
- High quality pink colour PU leather brush case cute and elegance
Makeup Brush Specifications
1. Powder brush
   Goat's Hair
   Brush length:17cm  
   Hair length:4.6cm  
   Hair width:4cm
2.Blush Shadow Brush 
  Goat's Hair 
  Brush length:16cm  
  Hair length:3.5cm 
  Hair width:3.3cm
3. Foundation Brush
    Brush length:15.4cm  
    Hair width:2.2cm
4. Fan Brush 
   Goat's Hair 
   Brush length:16.1cm  
   Hair length:3.6cm  
   Hair width:4.5cm
5. Large Eye Shadow Brush
   Pony's Hair
   Brush length:14.8cm  
   Hair length:1.2cm  
   Hair width:1.2cm
6. Small Eye Shadow Brush
   Pony's Hair
   Brush length:14.5cm  
   Hair length:0.9cm  
   Hair width:0.8cm
7. Eyebrow Brush
   Brush length:13.8cm 
   Hair length:0.6cm  
   Hair width:0.6cm
8. Eyeliner Brush
   Brush length:13.7cm  
   Hair length:0.5  
   Hair width:0.4cm
9. Eyelash Brush
   Brush length: 15.6cm  
   Hair length:2.5cm
10. Lip Brush
    Brush length:10.3-17.5cm 
    Hair length:0.9cm 
    Hair width:0.4cm
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