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About Natta Cosme

Across the trillion stars along the Milky Way, there exist a planet named Natta. The nations of the planet lived under a strangely abominable rule where their people must never look the same. They must have their very own distinctive style, character and outlook. If there ever existed people who looked even slightly identical, the authorities will dispatch these people to the one and only Natta Cosme.
Natta Cosme provides numerous beauty products that do not just beautify the people but also making them unique and one of a kind by highlighting and enhancing each individual's special features. These products include skin care, body wash, make up set and many more to accommodate each and everyone's different needs. After undergoing the transformation, one will shine as an individual projecting their radiance while exuding confidence. The double "T's" stamped on Natta Cosme's logo show how each and every individual on the planet is distinctively different from one another yet charming in their own ways.
We Dare You To Be Different, We Dare You To Stand Out.
Be Beautiful In Life, Be Nattalicious!
We believe that high street brands are not necessarily the formula to achieving beauty. Instead, we believe that everyone should and deserves to be beautiful! We believe that only through working diligently on meticulous details of our daily care routine can we achieve true and ever-lasting beauty. Forget about the expensive price tags, you can afford to be beautiful with suitable products of great quality carefully selected by Natta Cosme. This allows even the busy you to keep getting prettier with just a click on your mouse! You can count on our friendly team to not just beautify you but also to help you with any queries regarding the journey to the 'Fountain of Youth' without spending a fortune!
To bring in the cream of the crop beauty products best suited for Asian skin type, providing you with the most complete quality at-home skincare product selection in one stop, pampering you with warmth and hospitality comparable to services at an international stage.
Natta Cosme was established since 2011, earning our unshakeable reputation as a trustworthy and reliable company having served and satisfied many of our customers, each with their own distinct need. Offering an extensive 100% authentic product collection of over 150 brands from all over the world including but not limited to the USA, the UK, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, we believe your shopping experience should be easy, fun and convenient with us!

  • As most of our purchasings are done directly from abroad, the products are kept in a refrigerated warehouse guaranteeing their freshness while preserving their goodness. This keeps our customer's worries regarding the product quality as well as their authenticity at ease.
  • We utilise the most efficient courier service to ensure that you will receive your ordered goods on time so that you can carry on with your beauty routine at all times.
  • Plastic wrappers, "fragile" stickers and protection “bubbles” are used generously so that your products are always in good condition.
  • The majority of our products are purchased in bulks allowing more flexibility in bringing more direct rebates to our customers. At the same price, our customers will be able to enjoy more of their products optimising the value.
  • By surfing our official website, you will be kept up-to-date with the latest trending beauty products from many countries equipping you with many useful information about all the awesome products we have in store waiting for you!
  • Our online store is well laid out and easy to use. When searching for a specific products from a specific brand or when purchasing, you are guided through step by step ensuring a quick and inviting shopping experience.
  • Once the desired items are in the cart, you can choose between the various secure payment options. After a successful order, you will given a tracking number to keep you well-informed about the current status of your order in which you can follow up until delivery.
  • Customer services hotline or the customer service live chat on our website provides you with many platforms to address your questions, if any, to the our helpful customer support.
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