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Cerro Qreen Brush Cleaner Eggboard

Cerro Qreen Brush Cleaner Eggboard

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  • RM8.00

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[ Description ]
- This Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Cleaner Eggboard helps cleaning makeup brushes with getting deep down in the bristles without ruining brush shape.
- The quickest and most effective way to clean accumulated makeup, oil, dirt, and bacteria off of your daily makeup brushes.
- Portable size and will fit easily in your makeup case.

[ Directions ]
Step 1: Wet makeup brush
Step 2: Apply mild cleaning solvent like shampoo or liquid hand wash on the BrushEgg. 
Step 3: Twirl your makeup brushes around to lather them up on the smaller knobs. 
Step 4: Move the brushes from side to side over the groves to get rid of stubborn dirt. 
Step 5: Rinse with clean water and let your brushes dry on a flat surface.

[ Material ]

[ Colour ]
White, Rosy, Tiffany Blue, Purple, Pink

[ Product Detail ]

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