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Mysteries of the Orient UTAMARO Boxer

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Product Description
Mysteries of the Orient UTAMARO Boxer
1. Perfect size, shape men off the best fitness shape 
2. Point distribution of plastic in the form! Germanium titanium silver with thin
3. slim down faster ! Degree of elasticity and very good, suitable for larger!! Stretched wide of large, good shape    retention, and do not wrinkle; feel soft and smooth, flexible, comfortable, close; acid and alkali
4. First-class workmanship and design, very suitable for mass tastes, whether it is filling the men's wear Waichuan masculinity
**ps: Only hand wash, do not bleach, avoid sharp object
● When you feel a case not to go with skin or a rash, an itch, please stop use. 
● When there is a wound, a rash, the rash, please do not use it. 
● I make a nail to a cloth part and might be torn when I pull it forcibly. Please be careful on the occasion of putting on and taking off.
● There is individual difference in usability. 
● When you feel abnormality after during use or use, please stop use immediately. 
● Please keep it out of reach of infants. 
● Please do not keep it in a side of the fire and a high temperature and humid place, the place getting the direct rays of the sun. 
● Please stop the use except the original purpose. 
● On account of the print, a color may be a little different from a real product.
M size
waist 76-84cm 
L size
waist 84-94cm


1% of 91% of 8% of nylon polyurethane cotton

Combination of germanium, silver and titanium

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