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Medi Qtto Blue (Calf Length)

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What is Medi Qtto
Medi Qtto is a type of compression hosiery developed by Scholl. The graduated compression structure and ergonomic design of the stockings help to increase blood circulation, which reduces water retention and tones the legs.

What are the benefits of Medi Qtto
Modern, working women who have to juggle their careers and family lives tend to have less time for a healthy diet and regular exercise schedule. The high salt content in local food, coupled with prolonged periods of sitting or standing, causes bloating when soft tissues in the leg swell up due to the accumulation of water. Poor posture, which causes the body’s internal organs to push against each other, may also exacerbate the problem by slowing down blood circulation in the legs and causing water retention.

Scholl’s innovative Medi Qtto compression hosiery works its magic as you sleep peacefully, improving blood circulation and reducing water retention to give you more toned legs.

Why choose Medi Qtto
Medi Qtto is the No. 1 compression hosiery in the market, and promises to deliver shapelier legs with its patented partial pressure technology. The compression technology of Scholl Medi Qtto medical stockings originate from the United Kingdom and are designed to tone and relieve tired, aching legs.

What are the different types of Medi Qtto compression hosiery available?

Medi Qtto Sleeping Stockings

Designed for nighttime use, Medi Qtto Sleeping Stockings help to tone the legs by increasing blood circulation and reducing water retention.


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