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Cerro Qreen

Professional Makeup Brush Set - Pink (18 pcs)

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CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set is in pink color with 18 pieces of make up brushes in it carrying different functions aim to beautify your make up. The case bag designed in the lovely pink matches the taste of most women; the brushes are made in the lovely pink and graceful black to bring out your awesome taste and elegance, and at the same time satisfying your beauty needs. 
Item Type
Makeup brush set
Brush Handle Specification
Make-up Brush Specification
1.  Fan Brush                            - goat's hair 
2.  Loosing Brush                     - goat's hair 
3.  Shadow Brush                     - goat's hair      
4.  Foundation Brush               - mini Fiber                       
5.  Oval Shadow Brush            - pony's hair                       
6,7,8. Eye Shadow Brush        - pony's hair
9.  Blooming Brush                  - pony's hair
10. Oblique Shadow Brush     - pony's hair
11. Concealing Brush               - mini fiber
12. Eyeliner Blooming Brush  - pony's hair
13. Eyebrow Brush                   - mini fiber
14. Eyeliner Brush                    - mini fiber
15. Modifying Brush                - sponge
16. Eyelash Brush
17. Twin-heads Eyebrow Brush
18. Flexible Lip Brush             - mini fiber
18 pcs
Country of Origin
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