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CERRO QREEN Professional Makeup Brush Set  - Ruby Red (18pcs)

CERRO QREEN Professional Makeup Brush Set - Ruby Red (18pcs)

  • RM108.00

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CERRO QREEN Professional Makeup Brush Set  - Ruby Red (18pcs)
[ Description ]
-PU Leather Case Bag is in Red Hot colour to show its hot and coolness
-With 18 pieces of make up brushes of different functions dedicated to make your make up more perfect!
-Good quality PU material with metal head lace
-Choosen PU leather which is soft and lighter
-Upgrade to red matt brush tube 
[Brush Material] 
1.Fan Brush 
  Goat's hair
  Brush length:19.5cm  Hair length:5cm  Hair width:8cm 
2.Powder Brush 
  Goat's hair
  Brush length:20cm  Hair length:5cm  Hair width:3.5cm
3.Blush Brush 
  Goat's hair
  Brush length:19cm  Hair length:3.5cm  Hair width:4cm
4.Flathead Shadow Brush
   Goat's + fibers
   Brush length:19.5cm  Hair length:6.5cm  Hair width:3.5cm 
5.Foundation Brush 
   Mini fibers
   Brush length:18cm   Hair length:3cm  Hair width:2cm
6.Blooming & Oval Shadow Brush 
   Goat's hair
   Brush length:17cm  Hair length:1.5cm  Hair width:1cm
7.High Light Brush 
   Pony hair
   Brush length:18cm  Hair length:1.5cm Hair width:1.5cm
8.Extra Large Eye Shadow Brush
   Pony Hair 
   Brush length:18cm   Hair length:1.5cm   Hair width:1.5cm
9.Large Eyeshadow Brush 
   Pony hair
   Brush length 17.5cm  Hair length:1.3cm  Hair width:1cm 
10.Medium Eyeshadow Brush
    Pony hair
    Brush length:17cm  Hair length:0.8cm  Hair width:0.8cm
11.Small Eye Shadow Brush 
    Pony hair 
    Brush length:17cm  Hair length:0.8cm   Hair width:0.5cm
12.Eyelid Brush 
    Pony hair
    Brush length:16.5cm  Hair length: 0.5cm  Hair width:0.5cm
13.Concealer Brush 
     Brush length:18cm  Hair length:1.5cm Hair width:1cm
14.Eyebrow Brush 
    Brush length:16cm  Hair length:0.8cm  Hair width:0.6cm
15.Eyeliner Brush 
    Brush length:16cm  Hair length:0.6cm  Hair width:0.6cm
16.Mascara Brush 
    Brush length:18cm   Hair length:2.5cm Hair width:0.8cm
17.Dual Eyebrow comb 
    Comb length:19cm    Hair length:2.5cm Hair width:1cm
18.Lip Brush
    Brush length:10.5cm   Hair length:1cm   Hair width:0.5cm
[ Country of Origin ] 
Made in USA

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