LENNOX Inner Detox 7 Sachet (With Shaker) FOC 2 bottles FirmUp drinks

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LENNOX Inner Detox 7 Sachet (With Shaker) FOC 2 bottles FirmUp drinks

Detox is a process of eliminating toxins from the body. Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday, from the food we eat which contains pesticide and preservatives, the water we drink, the air we breathe and even stress produces toxins. All these toxins needs to be removed or it will be stored in our bodies as fat.


With extensive research and studies carried out by a team of health professionals from Japan to counter the ill effects of toxins towards human body. Inner D'Tox is finally realizedl the all-in-one detoxification mechanism richly packed into convenient, grab and go product for the benefit of your health.


Further enhanced with mixed fruits, fibre, prabiotics, inulin and herbs, it is functioned to equip and strengthen our body's detoxification system the natural and safe way. INNER D'tox has the capability to transform not iust internal beauty by flushing out unwanted substance off the body through excretion but is also able to restore a more healthier, beautiful you.


INNER D'tox is a newly formulated fruit-herbal detox product that can help the body to eliminate toxins from the body via a comprehensively cleansing program through digestive system, liver, lymph and urinary tract. Once these organs are cleared of toxins, the overall detoxification functions of the body.

  • Promote regular and consistent bowel movement
  • Keep your weight under control and prevent expansion of body size
  • Inner body cleansing the herbal way
  • Enhance skin radiance & improve skin tone
  • Equip the detoxification organs with proper nutrition for overall system's health


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